Benefits of Hybrid Working Environment

How is hybrid working related to huddle cameras?

Hybrid working is the new normal, but what exactly is hybrid working and how is it connected to huddle cameras? A lot of articles have been written about the benefits of a hybrid working environment, but what does that mean in practice? Can you do business and have meetings as efficiently as before? Working from home is great when you need to focus on a project or need to escape from office gossip, but it��s not always possible. Some people thrive best in an office setting surrounded by other professionals. We all have different work styles and needs, which is why hybrid working environments are the best of both worlds.

Read on to find out more about hybrid working and huddle cameras.

What is Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working environments are the fastest-growing sector in the modern workforce. As such, it is important for job candidates to understand why these types of environments are becoming more popular and how they can be beneficial to workers. Moreover, it is also important that they know the different tools and devices that work best in hybrid setups.

  • One of the most significant advantages that hybrid working environments offer is flexibility. Because these spaces are not limited to a traditional office setting, employees can work remotely or from home if they choose to do so. This flexibility can help reduce employee turnover and increase productivity and allow workers to balance work and family life more easily.
  • Another benefit of hybrid working environments is improved collaboration between employees. Because workers are often spread out across multiple locations, they have to rely on technology like huddle cameras to stay connected, which can lead them to work more collaboratively than they would in a more traditional office setting.
  • Furthermore, hybrid working environments can be great for companies looking to attract and retain top talent. By providing employees with the flexibility and freedom that they need, companies can ensure that their employees feel valued and appreciated.

Video Conferencing using Huddle Cameras

Video conferencing is a powerful communication tool that can be used by businesses to connect employees, partners, and customers from different locations. The best tool for it is video conferencing cameras or huddle cameras for small- to medium-sized conference rooms.  It is particularly useful for companies that operate in hybrid environments, in which their physical locations are dispersed across different locations.

  • The main advantage of video conferencing inhybrid environments is that it enables businesses to reduce their travel costs while promoting collaboration across teams.
  • It also allows people to stay connected with their colleagues and customers even when they are not in the office.

However, there are some challenges associated with video conferencing in hybrid environments. For instance, large video files can consume a lot of bandwidth, making it difficult to use video conferencing over existing networks. In addition, users may have varying levels of technical expertise, which can make it challenging to set up and use video conferencing tools.

To address these challenges, businesses can use hybrid cloud solutions to deliver video conferencing capabilities across multiple locations. Hybrid cloud solutions combine the benefits of public cloud platforms with those of on-premises infrastructure. This approach allows organizations to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability offered by public cloud platforms while maintaining control over the security and performance of their applications. Moreover, it is very beneficial to have reliable video conferencing huddle cameras for both personal and group use.

Coolpo AI Huddle Series

Traditional huddle rooms are used by small teams to gather and brainstorm, collaborate, and come up with innovative ideas for projects. These days huddle rooms are still used in the same way with an additional requirement: how to include remote working colleagues. Coolpo has developed two cool innovative products that connect people and organizations.

The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana can be used for hybrid round-table meetings. It is ideal when you especially have colleagues, customers, and vendors who need to feel part of the conversation as if they are in the same room with you! The Pana is an all-in-one video conferencing device that works as a huddle camera integrated with 4 smart microphones and an all-surround speaker. It allows remote participants to see a 360-degree panorama of the conference room. The camera and microphones pick up up to 3 of the most active meeting participants so they can be seen in individual frames atop the panorama scene. With a pickup range of 15 feet, you are ensured that your meetings are received clearly across the internet.

For presentations and dynamic lectures, we recommend Coolpo AI Huddle Mini. It is a compact, front-facing huddle camera with a 6 beamforming microphone array system. By default, it has group framing capabilities to perfectly capture onsite participants without empty spaces. A dedicated gesture from the lecturer or presenter will activate a powerful presenter mode:

  • Stable presenter tracking that is not confused by multiple speakers in the room
  • Zooms in to perfectly capture the presenter
  • Tracks the presenter while walking, standing, or sitting within the Mini��s FOV
  • Disabled once the presenter repeats the gesture

Once the presenter tracking is disabled, the camera resumes automatic group framing. Both the Pana and Mini are portable devices you can bring at home and at the office, depending on your hybrid working setup. They are configurable according to your preferences using CoolpoTools that is free to download on Coolpo��s website.

Coworking Culture

In a hybrid environment, you can combine the best of both worlds �� the unique culture of coworking and the stability of staying in an office with a permanent desk and private phone line. In addition to the privacy and convenience a traditional office provides, you��ll also have access to all of the coworking perks: free coffee, lunches, networking events, and more.

Coworking spaces offer more flexibility than a traditional office space. They are often open 24/7 and don��t require a long-term commitment. You can join a coworking space whenever you need it without signing a year-long lease. You can setup your huddle camera for video conferencing and collaboration in your coworking space. Moreover, if you choose quality portable huddle cameras, you can choose to bring them home without having to call IT to help you setup.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools can play a significant role in enabling a successful hybrid environment. In addition to helping employees connect and share information, they can also help teams stay informed about the latest developments and communicate with one another seamlessly. While there are many different tools that can be used for collaboration, each one will have its own pros and cons. While some tools are better suited for small teams and less structured environments, others are better suited for large teams and more formal processes.

When choosing a collaboration tool, it is important to consider both the needs of the organization and the needs of the employees. When these factors are aligned, it is much more likely that the tool will be successful and that the benefits of a hybrid environment will be realized.

In addition to the tools themselves, an organization must also consider how to use them effectively. For example, subscribing to a video conferencing app for your office may not be worth it if you do not also invest in a good huddle camera. Collaboration tools should be implemented in a way that aligns with the goals of the organization and the needs of its employees. Furthermore, they should be used consistently across teams so that everyone is on the same page.


A hybrid environment is one that combines both physical and virtual components. This can include everything from a coworking space where people work together in-person to a group chat app with people from all over the world. In a hybrid environment, the way that you work and communicate with others can change depending on the circumstances. For example, if you��re working on a project with someone in another country, it might make sense to use a video chat app paired with a reliable huddle camera like Coolpo AI Huddle Mini. While this may be less convenient than talking in person, it can be more effective when it comes to working on projects with people who are far away. A hybrid environment provides a lot of flexibility regarding how and where people work. This can be especially beneficial for people who are working while traveling or have other obligations that make it difficult to work in a traditional office setting.

Hybrid environments are those that mix on-premises and cloud-based IT assets. With hybrid environments, it��s more important than ever to have tools that enable smooth communication across all IT assets. Video conferencing is one such tool. With video conferencing, users can collaborate with other employees around the world, regardless of whether they��re on-premises or in the cloud. In fact, it doesn��t even matter if they��re on the same network. With video conferencing, they can still see and hear each other as if they were in the same room. In short, video conferencing makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues across different IT assets, regardless of those assets�� locations and network configurations. Make sure to contact Coolpo for any of your video conferencing needs! We offer devices and after-sales services you can rely on.