Coolpo Tools - The Unique Technology Helping Build Better Hybrid Work Relationships

Working in hybrid work environments is the new normal. The ability to flexibly collaborate across locations, time zones and cultures is a strategic advantage. Workers in the post-pandemic world crave social interaction and teamwork. People need technical tools that support the new ways of working �� not hinder it. Working in a hybrid work environment requires advanced and secure pieces of technology geared towards improving cooperation and mimicking real-time realistic in-person social interactions. Humans need technology that makes it possible to have high-quality interactions, even if they��re not together face-to-face or don't know each other's availability at any given moment. There are tons of tools out there for remote work and video collaboration applications, but most aren��t equipped for this specific kind of working relationship. The good thing is, Coolpo AI Huddle PANA��s 360-degree Advanced Huddle Room Conference Room Camera was specifically designed for the hybrid work and facilitating video conference, and is sure to help employers and employees thrive in this post-pandemic work environment. 


Face-to-Face Communication: Frame and Target Video Functions

A video-conferencing solution is a must when a team requires person-to-person communication. Coolpo AI Huddle MINI��s Frame and Target video functions are perfect for this. Coolpo��s AI Huddle MINI uses AI to automatically calibrate itself to focus more on participants. Moreover, the AI algorithm also allows it to independently identify and track the speaker on specific hand gestures. With a simple raised hand, the presenter can signal Coolpo AI Huddle MINI��s AI Conference Room Camera to focus on him/her, prompting the MINI to zoom in and follow the host around the entire performance. The Frame Video Function then kicks in and up to 7 participants are given individual headshots, and allows both the onsite and remote participants a real time view of their constituents�� facial expressions. These 2 functions greatly help in facilitating a more immersive meeting experience.  Coolpo AI Huddle MINI is also compatible with all other software apps to assist in the communication workflow, such as Zoom, Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Hangouts, and more.


Video Communication: Background Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation

The sound of a person��s keyboard might be annoying to another person. Especially when working in a hybrid environment, the sound of people��s keyboards and environment may be especially distracting to others. Background noise reduction and echo cancellation can make a huge difference when it comes to working in hybrid work relationships. Coolpo AI Huddle MINI comes with a 6-microphone array system and can also clearly pick up the voice of the presenter from a range of 8 meters or 26 feet away. Moreover, the participants can also connect the MINI to a preexisting speaker through a ?�� TRS cable to increase the volume with no problem at all. The MINI��s high tech background noise reduction and echo cancellation can help the meeting attendees stay focused on the topic at hand using this Conference Room Camera.


Digital Communication: Smart Self-Adaptive HD Camera

The camera is the most important part of a hybrid work relationship. It can make or break the relationship. The Conference Room Camera needs to be there, but it shouldn��t be in the way. It should be there when the user wants it, but it should know when to go away and not be a distraction. It should know when to focus on the speaker, and the participant, at specific times in order to facilitate better exchanges. It needs to be flexible enough to work with anyone��s needs and be tailored to each specific relationship. With Coolpo AI Huddle MINI, the Conference Room Camera and AI algorithm are so advanced and work together hand in hand in order to facilitate a smoother meeting for all those involved. The MINI��s camera enables 1080P, 720P video calling, depending on what the meeting needs. Moreover, the MINI��s huddle video camera can provide multiple scenes in the meeting software along with independently highlighting and shifting around to keep the presenter in view of its 110-degree wide-angle field of view camera. 


Collaboration Tools: Division Master

One of the best features of the Coolpo AI Huddle MINI is the Division Master video function. When it comes to video conferencing and meetings, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI��s 4K conference video camera��s newest feature, the Division Master function, greatly assists in the relationship aspect and facilitates a cleaner and easier way of communication between participants. The Division Master automatically focuses and organizes the video feeds of up to seven participants. Along with the automatic focus on the speaker, the Coolpo AI Huddle MINI independently arranges the live video feeds in order to facilitate a more organized viewing for all the participants involved.  Coolpo highly recommends trying out the Division Master function. It is a hybrid work relationship management solution developed for the modern workplace. It can greatly help in the building of relationships, facilitating smoother meeting flows, and getting more work done. Division Master will specifically help avoid the communication issues that come with being in a hybrid work environment.


Summing Up

Coolpo Tools, specifically Coolpo AI Huddle MINI, is designed with the human person in mind. Coolpo��s AI Conferencing Cameras are geared towards assisting people��s needs for online video conferencing and meetings, especially on an international setting. Through putting an advanced and high-quality camera, along with background noise reduction and echo cancellation, huddle meetings are going to be much easier to organize. Along with Coolpo��s frequent AI and algorithm updates, online team work will be a breeze. In this time of post-pandemic hybrid work environments, Coolpo��s AI Huddle MINI will greatly assist in improving businesses and corporations�� collaboration. Whether one is conducting video calls or meeting in person, Coolpo Tools will assist and ensure that all participants will stay focused and engaged on the task at hand. With these tools, people can make the most out of hybrid work relationships and create a culture of clear communication within teams. Coolpo Tools�� advanced and AI technology allows its users to focus on building relationships and getting work done, instead of managing and tinkering technology. Whether working with colleagues in the same office or across the globe, Coolpo AI Huddle MINI Conference Room Camera will help everyone collaborate better.