Create Inclusive Workplace and Classroom Set-up with Coolpo Camera

Face everyday business challenges together with the Coolpo Cameras. Change is truly the only constant thing in this world. After facing the bad and probably the worst things that the COVID-19 pandemic had brought up since it started robbing lives, properties, businesses, and opportunities, society learned how to embrace its impact: various companies and schools learned that remote setup can make their businesses and their classes even more successful and inclusive, thus, they switched to it right away.

Today, people are getting used to the idea of working from home and doing hybrid classes - enjoying remote meetings and virtual classes from the comfort of their homes. Who doesn't want to have a hustle-and-traffic-free day right?

Developed to be reliable, and innovative, and connect people and organizations in the most humane way, our AI Huddle Pana and AI Huddle Mini offer inclusivity, respect diversity, and redefine online team collaboration through AI-integrated devices.

Here is Coolpo��s Video Conference camera features to create an inclusive workplace and classroom for your virtual meeting and classes needs:


360-degree all-in-one conference device

As a 360-conference Coolpo camera, AI Huddle Pana, the flagship product, has this feature where it captures the whole conference room because of its Panorama video through a fisheye camera. Through a wide coverage, it focuses on multiple active participants in a meeting thus, this 360-degree feature allows all on-site and remote meeting participants the same opportunity to be seen. They also have an equal moment to be heard because of 4 smart microphones with pick-up sound from 15 feet in any direction.

In a class setup, whether students join classes from their homes or in their classroom, Coolpo AI Huddle Pana gives them a uniform chance in terms of computer visuals; with this, those students joining virtual classes cannot feel that they are some sort of isolated or detached from those in school. Thus, through this facet, meeting equally can surely be achieved.

Meeting Flex ? System

This element means that Coolpo��s huddle camera is compatible with almost all of the video conferencing software such as Zoom, CISCO, WebEx, Google Meet, etc. when run on a PC or laptop with an operating system of 7, 8, 10, and 11 for Windows and Mac OS 10 and later including devices with Apple M1 chip. The Coolpo device will serve as your meeting webcam, microphone, and speakers.


Unlike any other video conference camera, you don��t need to download any driver before you can use it. This huddle camera permits all users to easily utilize it as you can simply plug it into your laptop and power source. To experience its full potential, you just need to make sure that you properly connect the USB cord on the Pana; You should hear an audible ��click�� sound when the cord is snuggly and correctly inserted into the device.
As it is not connected through Bluetooth and WiFi, there is no risk that your privacy will be breached and no chances of wireless vulnerabilities as the meeting data can only be transferred locally through a USB cable to a computer. It also comes with a camera cover to protect the lens for privacy and lens protection.


Target Master

Meeting participants�� gestures can be tracked by the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini and shift its focus to the presenter who did the gesture. When disabled, our Frame Master ensures everyone is front and center, including those new to the meeting room. Frame Master also shifts when the people in the room shift or leave. To enjoy presenter mode through Target Master, make sure that Gesture Recognition is enabled in CoolpoTools. Then, raise your palm close and parallel to your face and make sure that your fingers are spread apart.

Division Master

Also, another feature under AI Huddle Mini, a small conference room camera, allows up to 7 participants with individual headshots where facial expressions are seen better. It tracks each participant the whole time this feature is enabled. Each face is seen around a wide angle shot of the meeting room area.

Beamforming Technology, Background Noise Reduction, Echo Cancellation

Coolpo��s Mini video conference camera has a six-microphone array system that ensures clear audio during meetings in your workplace and classroom. It uses our very own algorithms to ensure meeting participants�� voices are the focus of the meeting.


Generally, the AI Huddle Pana and AI Huddle Mini are ideal for hybrid video conference meetings. With our vision and mission to leverage online meetings, we don��t only give you an equal opportunity to speak and be seen during remote and on-site meetings and classes, but we also offer you an immersive online collaboration where you can see your classmates and colleagues not only their faces but their body languages and facial expressions as well.

Not only that, Coolpo��s 4k video conference room cameras are simple to use by both ��techy�� and ��non-techy�� people where they can adjust and configure settings based on their preferences. Simple, right?

These video conferencing cameras were welcomed by the Education industry as a useful Edtech tool to aid educators in successfully navigating the hybrid learning and working setup; it led to a hundred purchases from schools and universities worldwide.

Indeed, having the right all-in-one device that is capable of high-quality video conferencing is a one-step greater toward an inclusive workplace and classroom despite the great distance.