How NASA Artemis 1 Does Conference Calls Using 360 Conference Camera: Things You Need to Know

I'm sure you've heard of conference calls, but what about conferences from space? Video Conferencing with 360-degree video cameras in space? Isn’t that impossible?

That's exactly what NASA is exploring as part of its ongoing effort to make it possible to work together in real time even when it's impossible for everyone involved to be physically present at the same time.

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This blog post will tell you about NASA’s Artemis 1, how 360-degree video cameras work in space, and how video conference cameras could be used according to NASA.

 What is NASA’s Artemis 1

NASA Artemis 1 is a spacecraft launched this year. It's going to study the Moon and Mars, and it has some pretty high-tech stuff on board.

It is being tested on the International Space Station as part of its development. Artemis 1 uses microphones and cameras in three corners of a room to create a 360-degree view of everyone in a meeting, from any angle.

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How 360 Video Cameras Work in Space

The space agency is investigating how to use a camera that makes it look like all the participants in a meeting are in the same room, even if they are hundreds of miles apart or on different planets.

The system is called CAVE, which stands for Collaborative Augmented Virtual Environment. It's the latest project by NASA's Human Research Program, which investigates how to improve human performance in space.

It also has an onboard translator that helps everyone understand each other over long distances without having to worry about whether or not people are laughing at the same joke on different continents.

The goal is to provide astronauts with easy access to virtual environments where they can communicate with each other and collaborate on projects as if they were all in the same room.

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How Video Conference Cameras Could Be Used According to NASA

“We're interested in seeing if this type of video conferencing can help astronauts working on future missions,” said NASA spokesperson Jenny Pasko. “And we’re also curious about how it might change our ability to communicate with each other during remote meetings.”

Here are the things on how video conferencing cameras could be used:

  • it can be used for remote meetings
  • it can be used for space missions
  • it could help astronauts working on the space station
  • it could help astronauts on future missions
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One of the biggest advantages of using this technology is that it makes collaboration easier. When you’re working with a group, it can be hard to get everyone in the same room at once. But NASA has found a way around this problem: A camera that transports people into different locations and allows them all to see and hear each other at once. This creates an immersive experience where people feel like they’re sitting together in one place, even though they may not actually be! 

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