How to Choose the Perfect Plug-and-Play Conference Cameras

Everyone wants to participate, but not everyone can be the speaker. This is where plug-and-play conference cameras come in. No matter how big or small your meeting space is, you need an easy way for all your guests to be on camera and see each other during your live stream. A plug-and-play camera setup saves you the stress of researching and testing different cameras, lighting, and microphones to get the perfect setup��you just bring these compact and affordable cameras that are ready to use right out of the box. However, with so many brands and models available, it��s not easy to find a set that will work well for your conference. Do not rush into buying any of them; instead, take some time learning about their features before making a final decision. Here are a few things you should look out for when choosing plug-and-play conference cameras:

Field of View

If you��re looking for a video conferencing camera, you��ll probably be looking at a lens with a wide field of view. What this means is that the lens will capture a wider field of view than a standard lens. This can be useful when trying to capture a scene or event in one shot. The wider field of view will allow you to get more in the frame, making it easier to capture everything that you want to. At the same time, it will mean that you have less distortion and will be able to keep everything sharp and in focus. This is especially true if you��re taking pictures in low-light situations where a wide aperture is needed to keep the shutter speed high enough to prevent motion blur.

Audio Quality

An important factor to consider for any conference camera is the audio quality it delivers. Ideally, you want the audio to be clear so that people can hear each other and understand what they are saying. If the quality is poor, they might miss important details, or they might have trouble understanding one another. Additionally, if the sound is too loud or too soft, it could be distracting. Therefore, it is important to choose a conference camera that produces high-quality audio. There are several factors that can affect audio quality. One is the type of microphone used. Some microphones are better than others at picking up sound, so if possible, look for a conference camera with a high-quality microphone. You also want to make sure that the mic is properly positioned when people are talking. If it is too far away or too close to someone's mouth, it can distort their voice and make it difficult to understand what they are saying. Additionally, poor background noise can make it harder to hear someone clearly. Therefore, look for a conference camera with a noise-reduction feature to minimize background noise and improve the sound quality of your conference calls. Finally, some conference cameras also offer call recording features that can be helpful for recording important meetings or calls. Overall, there are a number of factors that affect audio quality, so it is important to choose a conference camera that offers high-quality audio for your best possible experience.

Steadiness (Image Stabilization) 

The steadiness of the conference camera is the most important factor. The camera must not shake when the person standing in front of it is speaking. It must be able to cancel out the movements of the speaker. Especially in large rooms, this is a very important feature. Without image stabilization, the resulting video will be blurry and difficult to watch. In many cases, the people being filmed will not even be able to understand what they are saying in the video. Thus, image stabilization is very important in conference cameras. Steadiness is also referred to as image stabilization. Image stabilization refers to a device's ability to correct for movements that may occur from the wind, body movements, or other sources of movement. In video conferencing, image stabilization is a technology that reduces or eliminates any unwanted camera shake. It can be particularly useful for large rooms with a lot of movement going on in the background.

Best Plug-and-Play Conference Camera

Coolpo has invented the best choice for people who need plug-and-play cameras����its flagship product the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana. It possesses all the quality needed by a good plug-and-play conference camera we have mentioned before. For example, it can capture all the voices of the people in the conference room clearly and also its microphone can promise a good audio quality during the meeting. Best of all, it has AI features that can rival the most intricate board room solutions in the market:

  • HD panoramic view of the whole room
  • Individual frames for up to 3 onsite participants
  • Automatic ePTZ to locate active participants
  • Dual positioning technology through visual and sound
  • Beamforming array system to ensure crisp audio

So if you want to have a plug-and-play camera for your business, you must try the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana.


A plug-and-play conference camera is an easy-to-use video conferencing solution that you can simply plug into your computer and start using immediately. These cameras are ideal for small businesses and conference rooms that don��t have the time or resources to install a complicated video conferencing system. 

Coolpo provides you with an immersive experience like no other! The company provides customers with extended services and personal after-sales care. Moreover, meeting security is always ensured because of the USB-only connection. The Coolpo AI Huddle Series has neither Bluetooth nor WiFi which endangers your meetings by exposing them to vulnerabilities.