How to Participate in Zoomtopia 2022 Events Through Zoom

Zoomtopia is a celebration of all things Zoom It is constantly growing and evolving that’s why it is more than just a convention. How do you stand out? Zoomtopia 2022 aims to answer that question with a new set of standards and requirements.

You might be wondering how to participate in the different Zoomtopia 2022 events through Zoom – whether from home or from your own city. If you want to participate in Zoomtopia 2022, there are multiple ways you can be involved through Zoom. Read on for details.

Why is Zoomtopia Important?

Zoomtopia events are important for the Zoom Team for a few reasons:

1.  It allows event organizers to plan Zoom-based activities and host special guests from the Zoom Team.

2.  It creates excitement and momentum around the Zoom software and community.

3.  It helps Zoom Team members understand how Zoom is used outside of the Zoom offices.

4.  It gives members an opportunity to meet fellow Zoom users.

5.  You can also learn how Zoom is used by other Zoom users, which can help you figure out how to best use Zoom in your own work and life.

Requirements on How to Participate in Zoomtopia 2022 Through Zoom

If you are interested in joining Zoomtopia 2022, you’ll need to join the Zoomtopia event through Zoom.

Here are the requirements if you wish to join:

  • Go to
  • Choose “Attend Virtually”
  • Click on “REGISTER NOW”
  • It is free for Virtual participants
  • Enter your Zoom login details or sign in using the available options
  • Enter the required information
  • Or you may register as a Guest and input your email
  • An email with this ticket has been sent to your email address.

Moreover, you must register for either the virtual or attend in person in San Jose, California to enjoy the event. At Zoomtopia this year, nothing is ordinary! Better attend and join to see for yourselves!

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