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Remote Work Meetings Will Disappear In 2023: Alarming Truth

In an article published by Bloomberg, Shopify, an e-commerce company, all recurring meetings with more than two participants will be canceled in line with their remote work policy. Also, they encouraged their employees as well to decline meeting invitations and detach from large internal chat groups. 

Also, according to a study from collaboration analytics firm Vyopta, the duration of meetings has increased three-fold in the first two years of the pandemic and the frequency of weekly meetings has more than doubled. 

However, there has been a notable trend towards one-on-one virtual meetings, which increased from 17% in 2020 to 42% in the previous year, indicating that companies are trying to limit the number of participants in meetings.

In this article, you’ll have an idea if remote work meetings will disappear entirely and what causes this phenomenon.

The Reduction Of Unnecessary Remote Work Meetings

According to the survey, participating in non-essential meetings while working remotely, even if they are not particularly interested in it, results in a waste of approximately $100 million a year for big organizations. 

According to Kaz Nejatian, Shopify's Vice President of Product and Chief Operating Officer, there has been a gradual increase in the number of unnecessary meetings over the years. He stated in an email, "We know no one joined Shopify to sit in meetings." which implies that the company's focus is on productive work rather than attending too many meetings.

Several companies, including Meta Platforms Inc., Clorox Co., and Twilio Inc. have implemented designated days where no meetings are held after Shopify said that there will be no remote work meetings on Wednesdays.

Based on the issues above, this could be solved by better usage of video conference cameras, remote work policies, and being more mindful about the meetings we schedule. 

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Extensive, Time-consuming, and Ineffective Meetings

Large, long, and unproductive meetings can be defined as gatherings that are extensive in duration, consume a lot of time, and do not yield the desired outcomes. They have become a prevalent issue in hybrid work, where employees are working both remotely and in the office. These types of meetings can be detrimental to productivity in several ways.

These meetings do not accomplish much. They are often poorly planned, have unclear objectives, and lack a clear agenda. This results in participants feeling disoriented and disengaged, leading to a lack of productivity.

Also, they can be detrimental to employee morale. When employees are forced to attend unproductive meetings, they feel that their time is being wasted, leading to feelings of frustration and resentment. This can negatively impact employee engagement and motivation, leading to a decline in productivity.

Poorly Managed Meetings Lead To Resignation

Poorly managed meetings can be defined as those that are poorly planned, have unclear objectives, lack a clear agenda, or are not conducted in a structured manner. 

When employees are forced to attend these types of meetings, they feel that their time is being wasted, leading to feelings of frustration and resentment. This can negatively impact employee engagement and motivation, leading to a decline in productivity.

Additionally, when employees are consistently subjected to poorly managed meetings, it can affect their overall job satisfaction, leading them to consider leaving the company. 

Employees who feel that their time is being wasted and that their contributions are not valued are more likely to disengage from their work and consider looking for other employment opportunities.

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Shopify is not completely eliminating meetings, they are instead implementing a "two-week cooling off period" before anyone can schedule a canceled meeting. Additionally, Shopify will only use Slack as an instant messenger and large chat groups will only be used for announcements.

It is unlikely that remote work meetings will disappear entirely. Meetings play a critical role in facilitating communication and collaboration among team members and are essential for achieving organizational goals. 

However, the rapid shift to remote work due to the pandemic has brought to light the issue of excessive and unproductive meetings. This has prompted companies to re-evaluate their meeting practices and implement strategies to make meetings more efficient and productive.

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