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The Best Portable Teleconference System without Recording

The Best Portable Teleconference System without Recording

Zoom meetings have been common for businesses for online meetings in remote and hybrid work setups. One of the features of Zoom that makes your video conferencing easy and seamless is its recording option; this feature allows you to take minutes of the meeting easier and you can review what has been said during the meeting in case you forgot some important things that you need to include in the minutes.

However, this feature can also be one of the factors that can lead to cybersecurity issues.

In this article, you will learn some steps on how to prevent or stop recording while you’re in Zoom meetings with your clients or employees. Also, you will know the best portable teleconference system that has safety features to protect you from wireless vulnerabilities.

Important Steps To Prevent Recording In Zoom Meetings

Zoom has a default setting that enables both the host and participants to record. However, it may not be clear how to disable this option. As the host of online activities or meetings, you should turn off the recording feature using the following steps:

Sign In To Zoom

To disable the recording feature, you can only do it on the website. It is not possible to turn it off within the videoconference controls or settings in the Zoom app. As a host, before starting the videoconference, you must sign in to the website through two options:

  • Go directly to
  • If you're already signed in to the Zoom app, click on Settings > General, and then select View More Settings.

Update Recording Settings


  • Settings screen.
  • Click on the Recording tab.
  • Turn off the toggle for the Local recording setting.
  • If you have a paid Zoom account, turn off the Cloud recording setting as well.
  • Once the changes are made, the Record option will no longer be available to the host or participants during the meeting.
  • If you have a paid Zoom license plan with multiple hosts, the changes can be applied to all hosts.


  • Go to the Account Settings screen.
  • Click on the Recording tab.
  • Turn off the toggles for both Local recording and Cloud recording settings.
  • This will ensure that the Record option is not available during any videoconference for any host on your account.

Safety Features Of The Best Portable Teleconference System 2023

Our company, Coolpo, is an award-winning company that aims to provide you with a dependable, engaging, and secure video conferencing experience through our product lines - Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, Coolpo AI Huddle Mini, and Mini Lite

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These portable teleconference systems are powered by AI technology, are simple to install, and offer better safety features compared to other cameras on the market. By choosing these products, you can enjoy their advanced safety features:

No SD Card/Device Recording

All Coolpo devices cannot be used to record meetings. Therefore, you can control when your meetings are being recorded because both remote and onsite participants need to ask for permission via Zoom to record meetings.


Using devices that are connected to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can pose cybersecurity risks. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are easy to hack, making them vulnerable to eavesdroppers and unauthorized network access. 

To keep your meetings safe and private, it's recommended to use USB-only links between your laptop and video conferencing device. This helps prevent any unauthorized access or hacking attempts.


The AI Huddle Pana is an all-in-one 360 portable teleconference system that can function as a microphone, speaker, and camera simultaneously without requiring you to download extra drivers. This means you can connect it directly to your computer or laptop without needing to install additional software. 

With this feature, business owners and their team members can set it up easily and securely. Using plug-and-play portable teleconference systems can help businesses take advantage of the benefits of video conferencing (or teleconferencing), such as increased collaboration, better communication, and improved customer service, in a more efficient manner.

Privacy cover

When you buy the AI Huddle Pana, it comes with a silicon cover that ensures your privacy during and after your remote work meetings or sales presentations. It works both as a dust protector and a privacy cover. You can use it before your meeting starts or while you're preparing for it. 

If you have something to do during the meeting that you don't want your clients, leads, or team members to see, you can easily place the cover on top of the Pana. Once you're done speaking or when the meeting is over, you can put the cover back on to ensure that you're not being spied on by any unauthorized remote participants. While the cover is on top of the fisheye camera lens, people on the other side would merely see static noise on their teleconference display (if you happen to join the video meeting before you’re ready).

Built-in Mute Button

During remote work meetings, microphones that are left unmuted can cause the information to leak out. To address this issue, Coolpo added a mute button to the AI Huddle Pana. This button allows you to easily turn off your microphone when you don't want to speak or when you don't want to be heard by other people in your online meeting. This privacy feature is quite useful when your laptop is far from the speaker.


If you're using Zoom for remote work meetings, it's important to know how to prevent or stop recording to avoid cybersecurity issues. To disable the recording feature, sign in to the website, go to the settings, and turn off the recording toggle. 

For better safety features, consider using Coolpo's portable teleconference systems, which have USB-only links, plug-and-play functionality, privacy covers, and a built-in mute button. These features can help ensure that your meetings are safe and secure and prevent any unauthorized access or eavesdropping.

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