The Easiest Video Call to Use: A Comprehensive ?Guide

Today, there are hundreds of applications that let us make video calls, all of them compatible with the Pana, our 360 conference camera. Some of them are free; some of them require an annual subscription cost. Some of them are available for all kinds of devices. But what do all of them have in common? They are the easiest way to video call someone. Plus, they really are compatible with our very own 360 conference camera! Video calling is not only convenient, it��s also more personal than calling someone on the phone. For example, you can watch videos together, you can see each other��s faces, and you can have an immersive collaboration without being in the same room. The good news is that there are many ways to video call other people. And today, we are going to teach you the easiest way to video call, anyone. Follow these easy steps and you��ll be video calling your colleagues in no time. Whether you��re just starting out or you��re just looking for an easier way to video call, keep reading to learn how to do it.

What is video calling?

Video calling, or video conferencing, is the process of calling someone and talking with them as if you��re in the same room. You can do it by using a webcam (like a 360 conference camera) and a program that��s designed to let you talk with each other while they see you in real-time.  Essentially, it��s just video streaming on the internet. To make a video call, you just need an app that lets people video call to other people��s phones or computers. That said, some of the best video calling apps let you video chat on your computer as well.  Video calling is one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with your team, customers, and vendors. It��s also great for business development purposes. For example, you can use your 360 conference camera to introduce new products or services to clients or customers. And, it��s a great way to conduct training sessions for employees.

Why you should video call people?

Video calling is much more convenient than making a call on the phone. It lets you see each other in real-time, sit in on live presentations, and you can also watch videos together if needed. You also don��t have to be in the same room to talk to each other. It��s great for long team collaborations. And, you can do it when you��re far apart. It��s also a much immersive experience if you have it using a 360 conference camera. Video calling is ideal when you want to keep in touch with your colleagues without being intrusive. You can do it as scheduled or on the spot. Did we mention it��s also useful for business development purposes? For example, you can use video conferencing to show clients how a product works or to conduct training sessions for employees.

How to video call people?

To video call someone, you just need an app that lets you video chat with other people. MS Teams: this is one of the best video calling apps for Windows users. There are both paid and free subscriptions to choose from. It��s available for both phones and computers and lets you video chat with your team as well. You only need to schedule a meeting and send the invitation to your colleagues. On the other hand, the leading video conferencing app would be Zoom. The interface is easy to use, the free subscription is ideal for many users. All you need to do is choose the date and time of your meeting, send the invite to your colleagues, and start the meeting as scheduled. These apps do not have a panorama mode that lets you see the whole room. Moreover, the free subscriptions do not have a gallery view that highlights individual onsite participants. 360 conference cameras like the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana can bring out premium features and more to your free video conferencing subscription!

Make a basic video call

If you want to video call just one person, all you need to do is download their video calling app. After that, call them and the app will bring up their phone number.  After that, press the blue button that says ��Call�� and then press the green button that says ��Connect�� and you��re all set. To end the call, press the red button. Now, you can video chat with each other.

Make a group video call

If you want to make a group video call to a group, you may also do so. Hybrid meetings, for example, are best featured by a 360 conference camera. Hybrid meetings are where multiple on-site participants are present in a video conference with at least one remote participant. The process is very simple. Once you��ve downloaded the group calling app such as Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, BlueJeans, you can invite as many people as is allowed by your software subscription. Then, invite the people you want and they will receive an invite.  After that, all of you will have to do is join the call, press the ��Call�� button, and then press the ��Join�� button. To end the call, all of you have to press the red ��End�� or leave button.

Make an HD video call

Video calling in HD formats is great for when you want to show off the quality of your call. It��s especially useful if you��ll be making a group video call with a lot of people.  First, download a video calling app that lets you video chat in HD, an example would be LifeSize 4k Video conferencing. You can find many of them in the app store although HD video conferences often come with costs. It is important as well to have an 4K capable video conferencing camera with AI features to maximize your HD conferences! Have a look at our Coolpo AI Mini, the world��s first-ever device capable of gesture control in a group setting.


360 Conference Camera �� A Way to Improve Your Experience

You can easily call others via different apps on your phone, but if you want to have a feeling that you are personally on the scene, you must consider the product produced by Coolpo company��The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana!

The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana shows remote participants up to 3 active onsite 

attendees and a panoramic view of the whole meeting room. The Pana ensures you start your online meetings easily and without any fuss. It can also help to improve company culture by increasing collaboration opportunities, while also providing a more intimate experience for those who participate in video conferences. Its AI-based features include:

  • Voice pickup of up to 15ft in any direction.
  • Dual positioning technology through sound and visuals
  • 360-degree panoramic view
  • All surround speaker
  • Plug-and-play hassle-free meetings
  • Automatic framing and positioning of active participants


Bring the best out of your video conferencing apps using this 360 conference camera! Schedule a demo with us to learn more.


We hope this guide helped you learn how to video call your team. While there are many options for video calling, mainstream apps work the best because they are preferred by many. And to help you to improve your experience, don��t miss out on the Coolpo AI Huddle Series experience. I believe if you have a try, you would not want to leave it anymore! Schedule a demo with our team online or have an onsite demo if your offices are situated in Seattle, LA, or DC. We��ll add more cities in the future, so stay tuned and watch out for Coolpo��s 360 conference camera in tech exhibits and conferences near you!