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Use Zoom 360 Camera for an Effective Zoom Etiquette

The use of the Zoom 360 camera is beginning to trend online due to its amazing features. In this digital age, the use of Zoom has become the primary way of communication for people, whether personally or through business. This trend accelerated due to the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it remained on top for years after.

Zoom has become one of the most well-known conferencing platforms around the world. Along with its popularity is its proper use, also known as “Zoom Etiquette”. It is important to follow these etiquette guidelines to ensure a seamless video conferencing experience that will give you a positive professional outlook on life.

In this article, you will be reminded of the different zoom etiquette and how a Zoom 360 camera can achieve it perfectly.

Refreshing Your Mind with these Zoom Etiquettes

Here are some essential Zoom etiquette tips that you should remember:

Don’t be late.

Enter the designated Zoom meeting before the said time. If possible, be early by at least 15 minutes. This will allow you to be ready before the meeting starts. Being late shows a lack of respect and might disrupt the meeting, so avoid doing it.

Wear an appropriate meeting outfit.

Make sure that before attending a meeting, you are dressed appropriately. You don’t want to look like you just woke up from bed while others are wearing business or casual attire. Imagine that you are joining an in-person meeting but have just done it virtually.

This creates an atmosphere of professionalism and confidence.

Choose an appropriate environment.

One of the enemies of virtual meetings is background disruption and distraction. When joining a Zoom meeting, make sure that your area is clean, quiet, and well-lit.

Make sure that you are in an area free from any distractions, people passing by, loud noises, etc. Also, a well-lit room enables participants to see you well. You can use virtual backgrounds, noise-canceling devices, and ring-light to solve this issue.

Mute your microphone when not in use.

This is the number one thing people tend to forget. When you are not being called or explaining, turn your mic off. Background noise is super distracting and will cause interruptions, affecting the flow of the meeting.

Turn your video on.

When in a Zoom meeting, it is best if your camera is on. It is difficult to interact and talk virtually when you can’t see who you are talking with. This will also give the speaker an idea of how to deal with and adjust the flow of the meeting.

Focus on the meeting.

While attending a Zoom meeting, avoid multitasking. Each meeting has an important agenda discussed, and doing other stuff may affect your learning. Also, this is pure disrespect to the speakers who gave time and effort to making the presentation.

Be Respectful.

You should treat everyone with respect, just as you want others to treat you. Whether it is an in-person or virtual meeting, both should receive respect. If you want to speak, you can use Zoom to raise your hand or the chat box. Give everyone the chance to express themselves without being interrupted.

Zoom 360 Camera: Key to Achieve Zoom Etiquette  

Using Zoom with 360 conference cameras has been making noise on the internet because of its amazingness. It is equipped with a camera that allows you to capture all sides of the room automatically. This makes it unique from older cameras, as you don’t need to manually adjust it to have a 360-degree view of the area. 

This 360 conference camera for Zoom can offer you a lot of benefits that will improve your Zoom experience. These are the following:

Ergonomically Healthy

Sitting up for hours in front of your computer may not be a good thing for your body. This can cause some discomfort in your back, waist, and even neck. But with this Zoom 360 camera, you’ll be able to stand and stretch while staying in the camera’s FOV. This will help you relax and focus more during the meeting.

The AI Huddle Pana, in particular, will zoom in and focus on active meeting participants. The Zoom 360 camera does this using sound and movement. So instead of just speaker tracking, it follows you within the room when you’re moving.

Understanding Room Layout

The 360-degree FOV of the camera will provide an understanding of the layout of the room and transform it into a virtual space. This feature allows the user to adjust, and the Zoom 360 camera can identify potential disruptions and create adjustments.

Improve non-verbal communication

Since the camera is 360°, it allows for more detailed non-verbal action that can be a key to a better Zoom event. The user can express more without the need to use words.

Coolpo Product: An Example of a Zoom 360 Camera

Coolpo has been specializing in creating high-quality cameras and products that are easy to use and has a lot of flexibility and compatibility.

One of the newest additions to their inventions is the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana. A camera that perfectly fits the description of a Zoom 360 camera. It is a 360 conference camera, and you can use it with Zoom or any mainstream video conference platform on the internet. It promises to revolutionize the way we capture and share our experiences

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana Features:

  • 360-degree FOV
  • Advanced AI System: “MeetingFlex® Technology”
  • 1080p video quality
  • 360-degree Speaker
  • background noise blur and echo canceling
  • 4 smart mic picking up sound up to 15ft.

Other than this, Coolpo also has other variations of cameras that can allow you to be on top of your game when conducting Zoom meetings. These are the Mini and Mini Lite.

Coolpo AI Huddle Mini

This device gives an ultra-clear AV meeting with:

  • Advanced AI System: “MeetingFlex® Technology”
  • 4K video resolution
  • 110-degrees FOV
  • 6 mic arrays line out
  • 21ft sound pick up
  • Real-time Speaker Tracking System

AI Huddle Mini Lite

A camera that can be your best buddy. It is easy to carry as you enjoy its features:

  • Advanced AI System: “MeetingFlex® Technology”
  • 4K Resolution sensor
  • 120-degree FOV
  • 2D & 3D noise reduction
  • Electret mic with 6m pick-up sound range


In conclusion, when the world shifted to Zoom for communication and collaboration, rules on the proper use of such platforms also rose. It is now well-known as Zoom etiquette. These etiquette rules are essential for being professional during your meeting. By practicing these etiquettes and using advanced technology like the Zoom 360 camera, you’ll be able to put your foot forward and be confident.

More importantly, the Zoom 360 camera, as adapted by Coolpo’s AI Huddle Pana, elevates your meeting experience. This Zoom 360 camera can be your leverage to achieve all the Zoom etiquette you need. This will make work efficient and enjoyable. Lastly, you can also choose other versions, such as AI Huddle Mini or Mini Lite, to achieve the same result.

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