What is the Difference Between Webcam and Video Conference Camera?

Cameras have extended our lives to an unimaginable degree. From the moment we can capture a snapshot of ourselves on camera, our ability to create art, record a story, join a meeting, and plan a wedding all in one go has been curtailed. 

The world would be empty without cameras that allow people to record themselves with the camera rolling. 

It’s amazing what you can capture and create with a webcam and all-in-one video conferencing camera. 

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This blog will give you an idea what’s the difference between webcams and video conferencing cameras, why to use a camera at your event or meeting, and which camera type is best for your wedding setup.

What are the differences between webcams and conference cameras?

Both webcam and conference camera for teams are camcorder that has the capacity to record or live stream video and photos in real-time. It contains an integrated camera that records both still photos and video, and there is an audio recording, framing, or other protocols that must be followed when projecting the captured images or videos. 

Webcams are perfect for using to join meetings alone or to check up with family and friends as they often only fit one or only a small number of people in the camera while a conference camera typically has a wider angle lens to enable it to virtually link an entire table or room of participants.


Since the introduction of the web camera, several manufacturers have come out with cameras that use the same technology. Many different camera models are available from many different manufacturers, the most popular being in the DSLR area are the Canon EOS 100D and the Nikon 50D. (Did you know DSLRs can now be used as webcams?)

  • A webcam offers the photographer no more than the basic features of a normal camera. 
  • The photographer cannot record video, take photos, or create still images. 
  • There is no language capability, no ability to take multiple pictures at once, and a limited ability to shoot 1080p or higher resolution video. 

Advantages Of Using a Webcam 

There are a few advantages to using a webcam over a normal camera including:

  • a reduced camera lens 
  • less light is needed to operate the camera 
  • and the ability to project captured images or videos through an app. 

However, without the ability to “project” the images or videos, the camera’s design has no place for a lens.

Video Conference Camera

While the webcam and conferencing cameras discussed here are similar in function, each comes with its own unique set of benefits. While the conferencing camera has been around for a while, the webcam was first introduced in 2011 and continues to be the standard for community-planning and event-planning cameras.

The webcam can record video and photo information in real-time, and it can record a large number of photos and videos simultaneously. While the conferencing camera can record video, it cannot take photos and only projects the recorded video or photos to social media and email accounts. 

Some AI-based 4K conference room video cameras stitch together a panoramic display of the room is great to use in recording videos with a wide range of people.

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Why Use an All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera at Your Event or Meeting?

Think about how much time, energy, and money you can spend on planning any major event or meeting. If you have to take one look at the calendar, you would realize that most of it is going towards the live event – not for the participant list, the invitations, and the conference table. 

The more formal the meeting, the harder it is to plan—so whether you want to hold your conference at a hotel or a the office, you will still find a lot of details that can be left out with just an ordinary webcam. 

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana: All-In-One and Easy-to-Setup Video Conference Camera

With Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, a 360 conference camera, can make your conferences more innovative, and reliable, and can achieve a personal connection even more.

The Pana lets your visitors see the panoramic view of everything you have around you. It has a 4k video resolution that will surely be loved by your remote meeting members.

What is good about this also is that it has 4 microphones with up to 15ft pick up; it means that if you are away from Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, you can still be heard. 


It is easy to set up and more secure than most of the video conferencing cameras on the market because it is a Plug-and-Play which means it is not connected through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, thus no wireless vulnerabilities.

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Which camera type is the best in any setup?

If you are planning a meeting in a certain setting, you should consider the settings that would work best. 

If you would like to get the most out of your meetings and conferences, make use of a combination of camera types at different angles and consider Coolpo cameras - the best video conferencing cameras. Check out our products here!


The digital camera has extended our lives to an unimaginable degree. From the moment we can capture a snapshot of ourselves on camera, our ability to create art, record a story, and plan an event all in one go has been curtailed. The world would be empty without cameras that allow people to record themselves with the camera rolling. It’s amazing what you can capture with a webcam and what you can create from a video conferencing camera. 


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