Why Businesses Should Shift to Group Video Calling Using Conference Cameras for Teams

Today’s workforce is more mobile and virtual than ever before as evidenced by the evolution of conference cameras in recent years. Virtual offices have become a standard for many companies. Employees, especially Millennials and Gen Z, crave flexibility and are willing to trade cubicles for a computer and internet connection.

Moreover, telecommuting has grown even more popular in the last few years. Whether you work in sales, customer service, logistics, or any other profession that requires you to be out of the office, being able to stay connected and collaborate from anywhere is essential.

In this article, you will learn why group video calling is the future of workplace collaboration and how it can help your business become more efficient, reduce costs, provide better customer service, and increase employee retention.


What is Group Video Calling?

Group video calling allows you to connect with your colleagues, clients, and customers – wherever they are – in real-time, from a single desktop or smartphone app using conference cameras.

It lets you share your screen, collaborate on documents, view and edit calendars, and provides a digital meeting room where you can host webinars, videoconferences, and more.

Through video, you can see facial expressions and use visual aids to convey information, which makes group video calling more effective than written communication.


360-degree Conference Camera for Group Video Calling

The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana conference camera, the flagship product of Coolpo, is a 360 video conference camera perfect to use during your group video calling.

Its fish-eye camera and Meeting Flex™ System allow every meeting participant to be seen and heard. With this, your employees can see your and your colleagues’ facial expressions and body gestures.

It is recommended to be used in a small-medium-sized video conference room with 3-15 meeting participants with 4k intelligent video resolution.


Why You Should Use Group Video Calling in the Workplace?

Employees who work remotely often struggle with feelings of isolation and a lack of inclusion in the work team. However, here are some of the positive reasons why your business should use conference camera group video calling among your employees:

·         Group video calling can help overcome isolation challenges by allowing employees who work remotely to feel more connected to your team and participate more fully in group discussions.

·         Group video calling allows you to see and hear your co-workers and provides an opportunity to build relationships and trust.

·         Using group video calling will increase your team’s productivity, engagement, and retention rates by providing a more satisfying work environment. Remote employees are often less engaged with their work and less productive than their in-office counterparts, but using conference cameras helps to overcome these problems.


Coolpo AI Huddle Mini – Conference Camera for Teams

The Coolpo AI Huddle Mini is another conference camera by Coolpo.

The Mini is suitable and recommended for hybrid meetings and group video calling. It allows up to 7 meeting participants with individual headshots. With this, indeed, your employees who miss their co-workers can see them, this is perfect to use since you can see every team member you are looking for.


How Group Video Calls Can Help Your Business

Studies show that people who work remotely are more likely to leave their jobs than their in-office peers.

We’ve compiled several reasons for how conference camera group video calls can help your business:

·         Drive employee engagement.

·         People who feel connected and included are more engaged with their work and, in turn, your business.

·         Can help build relationships and trust among remote employees and leaders, which leads to increased engagement.

·         Improve employee retention.

·         Employees who feel engaged are more likely to stay with your company for longer

·         Improve productivity across departments.


How to Start Using Group Video Calls in the Workplace Through All-in-one Video Conferencing Equipment

Group video calling is easy to set up and use. Follow these steps to get started:

1.  Look for a platform that has high-quality video, a simple user experience, and integrations with your other business software.

 Coolpo AI Huddle Pana and Coolpo AI Huddle Mini – Coolpo’s All-in-one video conferencing equipment, are compatible with most of the mainstream video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Webex, Cisco, etc.

 2.  Establish a regular meeting schedule

 Holding regular video conferences with your team helps to establish a consistent, open, and transparent culture. Make time for regular video conferences with your team members, and encourage them to contribute ideas, ask questions, and share successes.

 3.  Train your team members

 Make sure all of your team members know how to use group video calling and feel comfortable participating in regular video conferences. This ensures that everyone has the tools they need to be successful.


Tips When Using Group Video Calls in the Workplace

When you’re ready to start using group video calls in your business, make sure you follow these tips to get the most out of the experience:

1.  Limit the number of people on each call.

 While it is possible to host a call with dozens of participants, it isn’t recommended. With each additional person on a call, the call quality degrades.

 2.  Make sure everyone has a good internet connection.

No matter how good your video conferencing software is, you’re not going to have a successful call if your participants are dropped due to poor internet connections.

3.  Make sure everyone has dressed appropriately.

 Video calls allow participants to see each other, which means everyone has to be dressed appropriately. Conference cameras are so good these days, they get each individual's facial expressions, body language, and even clothing mishaps.



Group video calling using conference cameras is a powerful tool for work collaboration. It lets you connect with colleagues, customers, and clients from a single app and can be used to drive engagement, improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction. When you use group video calls, your team members feel more connected to each other and the company. They also feel included in discussions, which makes them more productive. With group video calls, you can overcome the challenges of having a distributed workforce and have a more efficient, effective, and engaged business.